1. How did CJFE get started?

A: CJFE was created in response to the large scale killings and kidnappings of journalists in Latin America in the late 1970s. Read more about our history here.

2. How is CJFE funded?

A: CJFE relies on funding from individuals, foundations and corporations through donations, grants and attendance at our events including our biggest fundraiser the CJFE Gala. Make a donation.

3. How is CJFE run?

A: CJFE is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, based in Toronto, Canada. We are a member-based organization with a 15-person Board of Directors. We also have a charitable arm called CIFET which stands for the Canadian International Free Expression Trust.

4. Can anyone join CJFE or is it just for journalists?

A: Everyone who supports free expression is welcome to join or support CJFE, regardless of their profession. Many of our members are journalists, but others are lawyers, teachers, students and others from all walks of life.

5. Do you work with any other freedom of expression organizations in Canada or worldwide?

A: Yes. CJFE is a member of IFEX, a global network of organizations defending and promoting free expression. In addition to being a member, we also manage the IFEX Secretariat here in Toronto.

6. I saw someone wearing a CJFE t-shirt that I like. Can I order one through your office?

A: Information about our t-shirts is available on our website. You'll also find the t-shirts at our events, such as Word on the Street.

7. How long does a member sit on your board?

A: Board members are chosen at our Annual General Meeting which is held each June. Board members run for a two-year term which is renewable with no limits.

8. Can I direct my donation to a specific CJFE program?

A: From time to time, we have specific campaigns for individuals or projects and in those cases, we guarantee that the money goes to support those specific campaigns. In general however, your support goes to support a wide variety of campaigns and programs including the Journalists in Distress program, the Scotiabank/CJFE Fellowship at Massey College, the Review of Free Expression in Canada and much more.

9. What's the difference between CJFE and the IFEX Secretariat?

A: CJFE is a Canadian based organization which runs programs to assist journalists, and to protect and defend free expression both in Canada and around the world. IFEX, on the other hand, is a network that brings together free expression organizations from around the world. One example of how we work differently is that IFEX does not issue its own alerts about free expression violations and CJFE does. But we benefit from IFEX’s network to disseminate our alerts far and wide.

10. How do you determine the recipients of your awards?

A: The International Press Freedom Awards and the Tara Singh Hayer Award are carefully selected by a CJFE committee made up of experienced journalists and media experts. The Vox Libera and Integrity Awards are chosen by CJFE’s Board of Directors.

Have other questions? Feel free to email us at cjfe@cjfe.org.